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...and finally, Christmas in Australia

So finally... Here. It. Is. Boxing Day Australia 2012!! WOOOOPP! 

Better late than never...  


It was spent at Pete, Trish and Georgia's new digs in Wangaratta. Thank gawwd there was a new pool, because 

it was about 40 degrees this day, and still mid 20s in the evening. Lovely! 

My hard drive packed up earlier this year so theres a few lost days, including a drive to Ivanhoe with two of the cutest little girls EVER, Savannah and Ruby, and a couple old friends. Viewed pimped out OTT houses covered in fairy lights and creepy Santas

. M

ost upsetting though, was losing the photos from a lovely boozy Christmas day at Dads (Yes, Caitlin t

he big day at Dads' have all been lost*)

Anyway, I


eventually upload the rest of the 'Straya photos.

Don't hold thy breath



*Remember kids. Always. ALWAYS!! Back up. *sigh* *tear*