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Last day

Bali was amazing, it was pretty perfect to be spending such long awaited time with my family, except of course with out my giant baby sister Smelly.

Now you cant leave Bali without getting a tattoo, there are surprisingly really good tattoists around Kuta, mostly Australian owned, but always check it out first.

The next day we were to fly back to Australia, having not been home for a year and a half and knowing what was yet to come when I got there I was sick with exitement but also very sad when it was time to leave. Except it would seem fate would intervene, delaying our flight due to unforeseen circumstances by emergency engineering works in Melbourne. 

It was obviously tough coming to terms with being apart of such a horrific event, but thanks to fantastic support between the family, complimentary over night accomodation, and free meals all the way home, we didnt complain too much. 

The journey home did seem to be cursed as our shuttle bus to the airport the next morning was caught in probably the worst traffic jam Ive EVER seen, for about two hours, we were only three kilometres away. To top it all off our driver attempted a terrible short cut and very almost tipped the bus completely over. The bus filled with people eager to get on that plane, laughing in dismay at how the bus was angled. He put all of his frustrations on to this sweet young boy as he escorted everyone off the bus to safety whilst the driver attempted landing all four wheels on the ground. 

Its safe to say we didnt rest until we had safely landed in my much loved home city in Melbourne. The next adventure begins.

Today Leeds festival announced a second line up, so my teenage self would like to quote the great words of Pete Wentz

"Thx fr th mmrs"