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Gangsta's Paradise

New Years Day. Field Day.

Extremely hungover this day, but we pulled it together because we were going to see Coolio, yo! Totes Amazeballs!! Charlotte touched him. 

As dear Emma was working it was just Charlotte and I slowly moving around the festival. It even ended with us just sitting on the hill and having a floor party for the last few hours. Still, was a brilliant day and fun end to the first Sydney visit on this trip.

Also saw Breakbot, bit of Hot Chip and Django Django for the 1679 time in six months (unintentionally, mind). Met some of Emmas' ace friends too, whom we would reunite with on Sydney round two, for a messy Surry Hills bar crawl. 

That blurry last photo is of this heroine security lady, who we witnessed take down three fence jumpers all on her own. It was amazing! We were re-telling the story as she walked by. Told her it was the best thing we'd ever seen. She was well happy.

Tah again Emra!