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Tilba Tilba, the town so nice they named it twice

Emma heard about this quaint rural town in the meadows, just off the coastline, due to its cheese & wine fame. The old boys at the pub/store told us we should head up the mountains as there was a fantastic walking track. Next time.

We weren't sure how we were getting to S

ydney at this point either because every highway we needed to be on was closed, so c

ontinued up the coast to Narooma to find a motel for the night

. Watching the news that evening was interesting as there were still fires popping up everywhere. Charlotte wondered if the world was ending because there were also floods up in Queensland and a cyclone headed for Western Australia. Nah. Typical Aussie summer, that. 

Anyway we woke up the next morning and were able to go as far as Batemans Bay, heading inland through Goulburn and straight onto Sydney. This was the closest we got to fires, we could see the fiery red sky in the distance as well as aerial firefighters dropping water bombs.

Finally making it safely back to Sydney, we celebrated with a Bubble O' Bill.