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Here we are. The final day in Aus.

Went out L.A.R.G.E.

Starting at midday at the Opera Bar, right on the Harbour, in one of the themed pop up bars. We stuffed our faces with copious amounts of frozen margaritas and fajitas and even more margaritas 

(zero points for guessing the theme)

By mid afternoon, we were fairly merry for what I think was only a Thursday. Met up with Seb at Hurricane's Grill in Darling Harbour for some serious rib eating. They are massive and oh so delicious. 

Afterwards we went to catch up with 

Emmas housemate and his work friends at

 another bar across from Hurricanes, where I bumped into my cousin Cara. What a small freaky world.

The night ended somewhere on Kings Cross, and That. Is. All. :/

So, the next day as we had a late flight and because 

it was 

45 degrees,

 the hottest day ever recorded in Sydney. We 

spent most of the day at the beach recovering from hangovers and ridiculous heat. Was comforting, considering we were going to be landing in London in less than 30 hours, where it was snowing!! Great.

Another teary goodbye and we were off.

Am missing Australia more and more these days. I think I'll be back soon, perhaps for good?