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Sunny November days in Madrid

After many months of procrastination and no motivation due to being stuck in a rut since losing my resident card and going through a very long process of getting a new one, I'm finally here to update this old blog. It's actually a lot older than I originally thought too. 2013 was the last post! Terrible! Just terrible! Anyway I'm going to keep this updated more, though there isn't many exciting things happening whilst I'm waiting for this card so I'll be using this time to back track with what I did in November, because that was good, really fucking good.

So here we are in Madrid, in what was to be the beginning of a long and wonderful journey back to Australia. Ah life huh?! S

taying with two very fabulous people I know, Emma and Gonz. It was sunny and warm, and a world away from the weather I though I'd left behind in the UK.