Freelance Photographer


Rustic Australian country charm

So as part of my year of 'doing' and less procrastinating I've decided to expand my portfolio to take photos of interesting interiors. A family friend of mine has always had a keen eye for detail and styling in the home. And after visiting not long after I returned from the UK I was dying to kick start this new project. 

There has already been many renovations completed on the house, and there is still many more changes to come to the house. For example the kitchen is waiting on a new large window to look out into the backyard. So I'm hoping I'll still be in Australia to see it completed and of course take pictures.

The most interesting part of the house so far has to be the first floor sitting room which features heavily in the photos below. The room is super light and has loads of character. The entire home sets rustic country style tones, remaining very modern with some Australian surf culture flavour, Moroccan lampshades, bursts of bright colours and bare brick walls.