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To market, to market

A cooking class in Vietnam! Yay!

One of my most favourite experiences this trip. Loved every minute! From the kooky and talented chef, the market tour and of course the eating of ALL the food. Anyone in Hanoi must check out Orchid Restaurant and do a cooking class. 

This post begins by documenting the preparation of a Pho (I'll attempt this entire recipe soon and share it with you, if it's a success). Once the Pho was started we each jumped into a Tuk Tuk over to a local market. Here we bought some of the ingredients to cook that afternoon. Also trying some deep fried sweet potato and banana fritters. Delicious!

Just last night I attempted a Bun Cha, a pork noodle dish, one of the dishes we cooked this day. It turned out quite well in the end, I must say. Although taking a lot longer than it should have as I fumbled through the recipe. I'll attempt to cook this meal again soon and share the recipe with you too. Hopefully I would have perfected the dish by then.