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A Maze N Things

Anyone that is from Australia, especially those from Victoria will know about Phillip Island and the small Penguins that call it home. However I bet there's a few out there that have never heard of 'A Maze N Things'. Which is basically a Maze and many amazing, awesome things! And my Uber talented Grandfather (very serious photos of him below) has a lot to do with some of the activities you'll find there, including the new Magic Manor. The photos don't quite do it justice as I didn't really take enough to completely encapsulate the experience quite like visiting it would do (It's good to be in the moment too right?!). 

Anyone with kids should definitely check this place out. And any adult too for that matter. Just make sure you take your time and don't be afraid to get silly and embrace the magic - And if you're up to it, do your own magic show!