Freelance Photographer


Axel & Charlie

A few months ago my younger sister brought a new puppy home! The very cheeky Golden Lab, Axel. On that same day, she took on my youngest sisters Border Collie, Charlie, because she's no longer able to house him. 

In early March I was staying at my sisters and I was finally getting around to reading through the manual of the Nikon D40x camera I bought last September - so I could get used to the newer settings. So I took the opportunity to get some photos of him before he began to grow into an adult. Although he may look cute, he was an absolute terror, playfully biting my ankles and annoying Charlie. Am loving watching this pup grow and see how much him and Charlie adore each other - and how much my sister loves him as if he were her human son :) 

Looking forward to sharing more Dog Spam in the coming weeks and to do another shoot with them soon.