Freelance Photographer


Graffiti & Laneways

Graffiti & Laneways, I can only be referring to one place, right? Yes, it's Melbourne. My city! One that's so easy to spend hours & hours wandering the streets and turning random corners to see what treasure may lie ahead. And even when you've spent plenty of time here, you will always find something new and exciting. 

On this particular day, I was booked to do a shoot in Prahran. The girl I was meant to be taking photos of overslept by about 5 hours (!) so it never happened. Instead of heading home I ventured off into the city to see what I could find - I also didn't really have a choice as I didn't have a key to get back into my sisters house.

It was a surprisingly nice winters day to be walking the city, I'd already been up for a few hours so was feeling fresh and full of energy from getting pumped up to do the original shoot. Also, since being back in Australia, I hadn't had much time to just wander around aimlessly with my camera. 

Below you will see I started from Centre place, where there are rows of cafes and restaurants, with a very European feel to the street style dining. From there I head down more laneways to get to the famous Hosier Lane which is basically an explosion of graffiti, some of it good but equally not so good. Worth a visit anyway! AC/DC Lane is where its at though, much more thought out artwork can be found here. And finally Union Lane, another messy graffiti covered laneway, there are some real treats there though, and it's a direct route to Bourke Street Mall. The rest is general street photography along Flinders Street. Oh, and the tiling at the front of The Block Arcade! Definitely worth a visit!