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What a crazy 6 weeks it’s been?! Just when I was getting on top of things (for once!). I’m hit with never ending gigs. I’m not complaining, I promise. It's been nothing short of amazing and wonderful!

Whilst I’m sat on the train, heading back down south for the 4927th time this summer, I thought I’d share with you my time in Southampton at the beginning of July. I was there to kick off one of three gigs over the summer working with Smoked & Uncut, a festival series ran by a hotel group that runs some pretty amazing establishments in Southampton, New Forest and Bath. First stop was The Pig in the wall. I stayed here for a couple of nights when I wasn't running around a small field snapping away on probably the hottest day of the year. And I was stupid enough to not be prepared for it - wearing head to toe black. Oops! 

This lovely town is typically used as a stopover due to it having it’s own airport and of course being so close to it’s more popular neighbour, The New Forest. For these reasons Southampton isn't the type of place many people stick around to explore. And I must admit it was kinda the same for me too. I did however enjoy walking around the town following the old castle walls and ruins and down to the Pier, where surprisingly you can get some amazing Thai food. Wimbledon was also on at the time, so there was a great big screen set up with deck chairs and a Pimms bus. And only a 2 minute walk from the lovely Pig in the wall Hotel. It had all I needed those couple of days.