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Singapore Sling

After a very very long break away from this page, I am back with my little photo diary of my trip to Singapore last November, but before I get into that I just have a very small announcement:

Since the beginning of November, when Leeds Film Festival began, and now all the way to the beginning of a new year, I now believe I mentally turned off from posting on here and on Instagram. You could say I've had more come backs in the past few months then ol' mate John Farnham. Looking back I can safely say I burnt myself out last English summer, so much so that I just couldn't face keeping this updated amongst everything else happening in my life. And I can't say that I completely missed it, not to say I don't enjoy this it's just that it had become a bit much to maintain. This may be one of my last posts for some time, though I will post new pics on my Insta every so often. This is because I plan to do a little re-branding as the new year moves on. I want to make this more manageable going forward and not feel burdened by posting 3 times a day. I have just started a new chapter in my life in Sydney, starting a new events contract and found a lovely little flat share in Coogee, just 3 minutes from the beach, worlds away from my ol' Manchester playground. The job is also full time, in an actual office, and it's the first time in a long time I'm going to have some sort of routine and I must say I'm actually excited by this. So, keep an eye out on my Facebook for an official announcement for when my new site will be ready. 

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, here's Singapore: